A Two Gentlemen's Encounter with Jesus

Henry Luke Orombi


I thank God for giving me this privilege to speak to you.  

When I announced my retirement in January 2012, I mentioned that I want to get a bit of time to preach more when I am still able to preach the gospel.  God has heard that prayer and desire and has given me several privileges to preach the gospel. I have been preaching to young people, to old people, to rural people, to urban people, nationally and internationally.

In December last year, I was invited in  Cape Town in South Africa and given the opportunity to speak to the Military Christian Fellowship which is comprised of around 600 of the strong high ranking military officers of the globe.  And God just gave me the opportunity to just breath life and continue working until I cannot do it anymore. And if I can't speak, then that will be the end; but If I can speak, I will still be speaking.

And I am so glad to be here.  I just want to bring Christ to you.  Christ is the I know.  I met him at the age of 18 and I have been walking with him since then.  I just want to share with you Christ in these messages because he is the only hope we have today. And without him, we can do nothing!

In this message, I want to draw your attention to two gentlemen from the scripture, whose lives were turned around by the Lord Jesus Christ. When these men encountered Christ, their lives were never the same again.  And this same Jesus who never leaves the same things the same, who never leaves the same person the same, who can never leave the circumstances where he finds you the same: is the one I will be sharing with you. 

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