From Tribulation to Triumph: The Promise of Unshakable Faith

Have you ever wondered how to keep singing amidst life's storms, using faith as an anchor? We invite you to join us on a journey to unravel this mystery, as we traverse the story of John the Baptist, a true torchbearer of faith, even in the face of adversity. We engage in a candid conversation about the reality of suffering in the Christian life, breaking down the alluring yet misguided notion of an easy journey. Our discussions are punctuated by our personal experiences of loss and hardship, providing a raw insight into how such challenges can, paradoxically, fortify our faith.

As we segue into the promise that transcends earthly troubles — the promise of eternal glory — we lay bare the fact that our faith should not merely be a fair-weather phenomenon. Instead, it should be rooted in the promise of a glorious future that awaits us as believers. The hope of heaven is not just a far-fetched dream, but a reality that can motivate us to stand strong in the face of life's tempests. As we end this episode with a heartfelt prayer for God's grace, we hope that our discussions will embolden you to face your storms with unwavering faith.

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10 Profound Lessons to Learn from the Long Term Suffering of Job

10 Profound Lessons to Learn from the Long Term Suffering of Job

In this fourth message of our study on the book of Job, we will look at the following 10 profound lessons that we ought to learn from the long-term suffering of Job: 

  1. Beware of theological statements that are superficial and wrongly applied
  2. Beware of a man-centred God and man-centred formulas for living before God
  3. Free the false popular theology that always sees suffering as related to specific personal sins
  4. Suffering and prosperity are not distributed in this world in proportion to personal evil or good
  5. Remember that God is still absolutely sovereign over all suffering and overall prosperity
  6. Remember God's wisdom is behind all appearances of severity and our betrayal in this world
  7. Don't be surprised by the sense of distance from God in the midst of your suffering
  8. Be careful in your complaints to God, but pour out your heart before Him
  9. Hold fast to God no matter what!
  10. Hold fast to the gospel no matter what!
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