Three Lessons from Job's Long-term Suffering (Job 2-31)

Three Lessons from Job's Long-term Suffering (Job 2-31)

Although Job got resounding victories over Satan both in test number one and in test number two, Job's faith and worship and his obedience were not exactly rewarded.

Job's misery dragged on for months. It dragged on for a long time. And the question we have is "Why did Job's pain continue for months? Since God got the victory at the moment of calamity and Job triumphed by grace throughout this time of testing, why wasn't he restored and healed immediately? Why didn't God just heal Job right away in Job chapter 2 and thereafter take us immediately to the happy ending of Job chapter 42?  The reason can be found in the following two questions:

  1. Is God worthy of worship even in prolonged suffering? 
  2. Is God powerful enough to create a heart that worships and delights and treasures God even in long-term suffering?

These are the two main questions that Job chapters 2-31 and this message are intended to answer. These two main questions were not answered in Job chapters 1 and 2. God, therefore, wanted to use Job chapters 2-31 to answer these two questions.

Let us join Dr. Eby and learn more from him.

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